We offer a broad range of mobile and broadband pricing data and insights to help telecoms organisations navigate the changing industry. Our solutions are available in the form of annual subscriptions, one-off products, customised pricing insights and historic data.

All of our reports are presented in a clean, simple and usable format so you can quickly find the information you need.

UK Mobile Reporting

We provide annual subscription and one-off products that offer an ongoing and historic picture of UK mobile operators’ price plans, propositions and device pricing. Our reports cover both networks and MVNOs and provide the most accurate and relevant information to support decision making and analysis.

The reports identify key price and promotional changes by market and product segment.

Products covered include:

  • SIM-only
  • Handset-based plans
  • Pre-pay
  • Device financing
  • Mobile broadband
  • International and roaming

As well as current reporting, Pure Pricing holds over 10 years of mobile pricing back-data for the UK market – more than any other data provider.

UK Broadband Reporting

Keep up to speed with the latest pricing data courtesy of our fixed broadband, phone, television and streaming reports. We present the offers, service bundling and promotions of key market players to enable the tracking of price movements and easy price comparisons.

We provide ongoing subscriptions and one-off products to give you access to current and historical data.

Pure Pricing holds over 10 years of broadband pricing back-data for the UK market – more data than any other provider.

Custom Research and Consultancy

Commission Pure Pricing for custom research on the UK and international telecoms market to generate powerful market insights that drive pricing, promotion and proposition decisions.

We can showcase new pricing ideas and innovations that international telecom operators are deploying to differentiate their offerings, win new customers and grow new revenue streams.

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Pure Pricing research has been commissioned by leading telecom operators, telecom regulators, consultancies and not-for-profit organisations.