A Boutique Telecoms Market Insights Company

Pure Pricing has more than 15 years’ experience generating and communicating clear telecoms market insights that drive pricing, promotion & proposition decisions.

Rather than automating the collection, sorting, analysis and comparison process, we use a team of experienced analysts to hand collect and check all the data. They wade through the detail to bring unparalleled clarity and perspective to our insights that you can act upon immediately.

Unrivalled telecoms experience

Pure Pricing was founded in 2004, making us the longest established provider for telecoms market insights. In that time, we’ve worked with network operators, MVNOs and consultancies, and telecom regulator Ofcom.

As the industry authority, our ability to reveal and communicate key insights is unrivalled. Rather than providing you with 100k data points that mean nothing to you, we will provide 10 key bullet points that capture exactly what has happened in the market and what that means for you.

The faces behind the figures

The company’s directors Anne-Marie Plumer and Andrew Arnison are 20-year industry veterans who identified the need for impartial, unbiased and accurate pricing information. For that information to be valuable, they knew it could only be delivered by those with inside knowledge of how the telecoms industry works.

As ex-pricing managers from within the industry we are able to align our insights with the goals of different stakeholders to drive growth and boost profits in an extremely competitive market. That extensive experience, combined with our commitment to being factual, accurate, ethical and fair, has helped us build an enviable position in the industry and an impressive client list.

Want to know more?

If there’s anything else you’d like to know about Pure Pricing or what we do, please get in touch with our team.


Pure Pricing research has been commissioned by leading telecom operators, telecom regulators, consultancies and not-for-profit organisations.