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UK Mobile Pricing Factbook

Our UK Mobile Reporting offers a detailed picture of the UK mobile operators' price plans, propositions and device pricing. The pricing information is collated into excel files which elimate the time-consuming task of data collection.

Reporting covers both networks and MVNOs, and the frequency of the reporting means that our subscribers always have accurate and relevant information available to support decision making and analysis.

The reports identify key price and promotional changes by market and product segment. Products covered include sim-only, handset based plans, pre-pay, device financing, mobile broadband, phones, tablets, international and roaming. The reporting is structured to allow the reader to gain market insight quickly and accurately whilst keeping abreast of the most important market trends. The comprehensive nature of the updates removes any need for additional data collection, saving you both time and money.

In addition to current reporting, Pure Pricing also holds historic pricing data going back to 2004.